January 12, 2020, Crows Nest, Sydney

About Crow Con

The Crows Nest D&D Convention was founded in 2017 with the sole purpose in mind to bring new and experienced Dungeons and Dragons players together under one roof to celebrate the game that so many of us love. It is our intention to teach and develop D&D skills for Player and Dungeon Masters alike. We can’t wait to see you at our next event.

Crow Con Coordinators


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Greetings Adventurers!

Our Sponsor Good Games is getting behind Crow Con in a big way! When you purchase your Crow Con tickets, you will receive your discount code to get a whopping 10-15% off your D&D products. As the day nears we recommend you get your tickets early as not to miss out.

See You at Crow Con!

New Players Compendium

Greetings Adventurers  and welcome to the Crow Con New Player Kit Version 1.0. This kit put together by the Crow Con D&D Community and Wizards of the Coast the publisher of Dungeons and Dragons is intended to give you a solid start when it comes to playing the game we love.

Click on the image to download the items in the kit so far.

Craft Merchants

We are planning to bring in community craftspeople this time around to show us their marvellous creations. Hopefully you will see a magical item you can take home with you this year. 

Classes & Workshops

The DM and player workshops were very successful. Lots of people were very interested in learning how to play and also how to DM. We will be continuing this tradition so if you want to invite a new player bring him to the workshops.

D&D Epic

This event would not be a proper Convention if we weren’t planning a D&D Epic event. What is an Epic? A D&D Epic is a multi tier event, were multiple tables are collaborating to the same final goal. The outcome of each table will go into the final result of the adventure. This is a rare and unique D&D experience, so if you have not played an Epic before. Crow Con is the place. 

Featured Organisers & DMs

Crow Con wants to celebrate the D&D community so we are using this opportunity to introduce you to who the hard working Crow Con community leaders are and how they contribute to this awesome game of ours.

Fernando Lecaros


Luke McPhan


Jarrod Trethowen

DM Wrangler

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Tickets for this event are limited, so we are offering early bird tickers for $10 per person, once these early bird tickets run out the standard admission price will be $15. So get in quick!

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