New Players Compendium

Greetings Adventurers  and welcome to the Crow Con New Player Kit Version 1.0. This kit put together by the Crow Con D&D Community and Wizards of the Coast the publisher of Dungeons and Dragons is intended to give you a solid start when it comes to playing the game we love.

We understand that D&D is a very rich game that continuosly challenges players, but there is no reason why you can’t pick up a set of dice, a character sheet and quickly get started. The inclusions in this pack will give you the necessary information to start you on your way to an epic adventure.


  1. D&D 5th Edition Basic Rules
  2. Blank Character Sheets
  3. D&D 5th Edition Pre Generated Characters

Crow Con anticipates that we will be slowly adding more content to guide new players through the process of creating new characters and learning how to play. Crow Con is a family friendly event and we will only share materials that conform with these guidelines.


Happy Adventuring.

Crow Con Coordinators

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